Q: What does "preorder" mean?

A: Preorder doesn't means that the product has not arrived in the country. However, you can purchase the product before it arrives to ensure you get it quickly or as fresh as possible.

Q: Where are the roast dates listed online?

A: All of the roast dates are listed at the bottom of the individual product web page. The roast dates are listed before the coffee arrives in the country and is available for purchase.


Q: Why are the roast dates printed strangely on my coffee?

A: The Roast dates in Europe are printed differently then in the United States. Roast dates in Europe are printed day/month/year. Whereas, in the US they are printed month/day/year.


Q: When will my coffee arrive?

A: We mail out all coffee the day it arrives in the country. We use USPS Priority Mail. Typically, our coffees will arrive to you within a matter of two to three business days.