Nordic meets new york

     Búðin is a Nordic coffee shop, beer bar, and design goods store in the vibrant and historic neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The concept was born by three friends who wanted to share their lineage and love of the Nordics with their current home of New York. The name Búðin (pronounced “Boo-th-in”), is Icelandic for “The Shop” and represents how when you walk into our space, there is something for everyone.

     Our love for specialty coffee is the foundation of Búðin's heart. We are one of the best multi roaster cafes in the United States. The beer program includes eight draft choices and over 20 bottles and cans of the most outstanding and unique beverages either from or influenced by the old and new brewing traditions of the Nordics. The back half of our space is dedicated to providing you with a chance to browse through a specially curated selection of housewares and gifts. These design goods are produced by many classic Scandinavian designers with the majority of the wares being from young designers who have never had their products sold on this side of the Atlantic. Everything we carry and serve has been hand selected because of its quality and the relationships that we have built with the incredibly dedicated artisans behind each product.

     With sunny coffee drinking by day, candle lit beer imbibing by night, and a warm shopping experience in our store and our webshop, we are glad you are here getting cozy at Búðin!



MON –THU 7am – 12am

FRI 7am – 1am

SAT 8am – 1am

SUN 8am – 12am

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114 Greenpoint Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(347) 844-9639


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